You dream of creaTIng something memorable.

We provide efficiency, value and innovation in our four practice areas: Manufactured Housing Communities; Residential Neighborhoods & Imaging; RV Resorts & Campgrounds; and Specialized Zoning Assistance.

Manufactured Housing Communities

Twenty-two million Americans live in manufactured housing. It's the answer to the affordable housing crisis that has enveloped North America.

Residential Neighborhoods & Imaging

An updated community image and landscape package can create a recognizable identity. At Westphal Associates, we use innovative planning and design to reduce economic and environmental costs, while enhancing community livability.

RV Resorts & Campgrounds

Recreational vehicles provide much freedom for its users. Not only do they offer the opportunity to explore the country and take family vacations without having to pay for hotel rooms or airline tickets, but many people live in them as if they would like a traditional home.

Specialized Zoning Assistance

There are many types of zoning ordinances, and they change from municipality to municipality. Every parcel of land in a city or town is zoned which determines how the land may be developed.

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